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The Aroma Of Zanzibar

Transport yourself to new locales with Culturs custom blended teas.


Every delivery of our Global Immersion Kit Ignites the senses.

Feel Good In Your Skin

Bath and Body collection

Taste Tradition

With our dinner party kits, enjoy a culturally inspired dinner for 10

Global Gatherings


We are inspired by the realities of life today, in which traditional divides between personal and professional space are more fluid.

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CULTURS Magazine
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Our award-winning magazine reaches 24 million cultural in-betweeners each year - immerse yourself in what makes you YOU.

CULTURS Membership Subscription

Immerse your senses with the sights, scents, tastes, sounds and feel of our current destination, learn about its people and experience the culture from locals and culturally fluid experts. Experience the globe from wherever you are!

Products to embrace your cultural "in-between" - because everyone should feel like they matter.

Global Immersive Membership Kit

Ignite your senses by bringing the multicultural lifestyle to your door.

Pearl Membership: Destination - East Africa

Platinum Membership: Destination - Brazil

It’s important for girls to see themselves important and to know they’re a part, they’re magical, majestic, strong and unique.

Good Morning America about our African American Princess affirmation cards

It’s really about feeling like you belong. It’s about having someone understand you and not feeling like you have to explain it.

Our founder talks about the cultural “in-between” on PBS

I’m really proud we’re able to inspire young girls with this show. And that’s why I’m completely impressed with these photos giving African American children the chance to see themselves as royalty.

Entertainer Kelly Clarkson about the African American Princess affirmation cards

She emphasizes there’s so much diversity within the Black community and believes we all need to make a purposeful effort to reach out to people who think differently."

About Culturs Magazine and its Founder

What people have to say about us

Mark C.

"Congratulations on Culturs. I've tried to find it at B&N but is was already sold out. Guess will need to get a subscription! The magazine looks great!"

Donna M. via Facebook

"Thank you! That made my day. And thank you for letting me be part of such a wonderful group of people producing such a unique magazine!"

Antoinette L. T.

I'm so grateful to have a platform to give voice to people and subjects that matter to people like me -an ACCK and TCA. I've always been in-between, boxed in, and misunderstood.

Anna M.

Just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how transformative it felt to even hear others' and speak about multiple cultures and identity, thank you for creating this platform."

If you're multiethnic, multicultural, mixed-race or geographically mobile like immigrants, refugees or Third Culture Kids, WELCOME HOME

SINCE 2014 We've worked to bring you nmedia, products and experiences specifically for the Cultural In-between. Whether it's you or someone you love, Culturs curates tips, tools and resources to be your guide along the path to embrace your in-between cultural identity. We scour the globe to find the most interesting people, customs and resources so you can feel good in your skin and come alive!

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