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Our audience is chock full of “in-betweenesr” who straddle culture, race, ethnicity, nations or locations , and often the world tries to tell you who you are, who you should be. But YOU. KNOW. BETTER. That’s why Culturs scours the globe to bring fresh content, valuable tools, and events and activities that solidify your confidence in WHO YOU ARE.
So here, we go – you asked for it, you got it. Travel with friends around the globe and see just how this year you can live in full color!

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Trinidad and Tobago

Biracial, tricultural actor Freema Agyeman; DomesticAdult Third Culture Kids(DTCKs), Jocko Sims and Janet Montgomery and expat Anupam Kher exhibit amazing chemistry on the network’s latest dramatic hit. Perhaps it’s no coincidence, as each actor brings so much personal character to their roles and each credits personal history as the foundation of their skill. Little did they know, their straddling of culture helped inform these profound performances — and the ease with which they get along with each other.

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I'm so grateful to have a platform to give voice to people and subjects that matter to people like me -an ACCK and TCA. I've always been in-between, boxed in, and misunderstood.

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Just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how transformative it felt to even hear others' and speak about multiple cultures and identity, thank you for creating this platform."