Global Bath and Body

Global Bath and Body

 Culturs Global Bath and Body  products and soul-inspiring aromatherapy bring the scents of the world's most fragrant destinations to your door. Feelings of comfort from Milan, beach vibes of Cartagena de Indias, or the vital city surge of Tokyo, feel good in your skin again.


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Asian Peony Body LotionAsian Peony Body Lotion
Asian Peony Body WashAsian Peony Body Wash
Asian Peony Brown Sugar Body ScrubAsian Peony Brown Sugar Body Scrub
Asian Peony Whipped Body SouffléAsian Peony Whipped Body Soufflé
Asian Peony Bath SaltsAsian Peony Bath Salts
Asian Peony Bath FizziesAsian Peony Bath Fizzies
Asian Peony Soy CandleAsian Peony Soy Candle
African Orchid Body WashAfrican Orchid Body Wash
African Orchid Body LotionAfrican Orchid Body Lotion
African Orchid Brown Sugar Body ScrubAfrican Orchid Brown Sugar Body Scrub
African Orchid Whipped Body SouffléAfrican Orchid Whipped Body Soufflé
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African Orchid Soy CandleAfrican Orchid Soy Candle
African Orchid Bath SaltsAfrican Orchid Bath Salts
African Orchid Bath FizziesAfrican Orchid Bath Fizzies
Caribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Whipped Body LotionCaribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Whipped Body Lotion
Caribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Body WashCaribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Body Wash
Caribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Whipped Body SouffléCaribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Whipped Body Soufflé
Caribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Soy CandleCaribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Soy Candle
Caribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Bath FizziesCaribbean Escape Coconut & Mango Bath Fizzies
Latin American Carnation Body WashLatin American Carnation Body Wash
Latin Carnation Body LotionLatin Carnation Body Lotion
Latin American Carnation Brown Sugar Body ScrubLatin American Carnation Brown Sugar Body Scrub
Latin American Carnation Whipped Body SouffléLatin American Carnation Whipped Body Soufflé
Latin American Carnation Soy CandleLatin American Carnation Soy Candle
Products to embrace your cultural "in-between" - because everyone should feel like they matter.


We are inspired by the realities of life today, in which traditional divides between personal and professional space are more fluid.


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Mark C.

"Congratulations on Culturs. I've tried to find it at B&N but is was already sold out. Guess will need to get a subscription! The magazine looks great!"

Donna M. via Facebook

"Thank you! That made my day. And thank you for letting me be part of such a wonderful group of people producing such a unique magazine!"

Antoinette L. T.

I'm so grateful to have a platform to give voice to people and subjects that matter to people like me -an ACCK and TCA. I've always been in-between, boxed in, and misunderstood.

Anna M.

Just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how transformative it felt to even hear others' and speak about multiple cultures and identity, thank you for creating this platform."