5th anniversary special message

5th anniversary special message

Five years.

Five years of covering an incredibly diverse community that celebrates the unique perspectives of Global Nomads, Third Culture Kids (TCKs), and ethnically — and culturally blended people — those who are "culturally mobile."

Five years of sharing perspectives that show a new-world order — a new normal that reflects the hidden diversity that's increasingly becoming the hallmark of daily living around the globe.

Five years of covering "liminal" or "in-between" identities who may straddle culture, race, ethnicity, nation or location.

Five years of celebrating the delectable foods from countries like Colombia, Italy, Peru, Mexico and Brazil.

This issue comprises our favorite stories over the past five years, including two tales of love: Christian pastors Solomon ("Sol") and Liz Ocampo who have taken a unique path to love that began as an arranged marriage; and Cara and Brandon Kelley, who had no clue that a chance encounter on social media would end in the creation of a happy family.

We also highlight a deep dive into transgenerational transfer of trauma, systemic racism and unresolved grief, along with a story of remembering a beloved pet as well as a Military B.R.A.T. making peace with a parent’s involvement in a brutal war.

Additionally, we celebrate the healing power of art via the Jingle Dress Project as well as the multicultural cast of the TV show "New Amsterdam," plus the confidence that can come from highlighting the beauty of a woman's brown skin.

So relax, sit back and let us take you down memory lane for a look at the past five years, all the while looking forward to what the next five years will bring!

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