My Brown Is Beautiful: An Indian-Born Australian Shares Her Key To Confidence

My Brown Is Beautiful: An Indian-Born Australian Shares Her Key To Confidence

By Swarnali Sikder

Don't tell her she is pretty for a dark-skinned girl. It's not a badge of shame but rather a glorious masterpiece created by God Himself.

Brown is beautiful

Being born in India as a proud brown girl, I did come across all my growing years people talking about how unfortunate I am being brown and how I can use different skin products to lighten up my skin color.

It's quite unfortunate that people even today give a lot more priority to "gora chitta" ladki than a gorgeous brown woman. If we do not speak up and raise awareness to this issue, then who will?

I am fortunate to have been born in a family where I have been told every day that I am beautiful and that played a vital part in building up my confidence every single day and I today (and forever) love may skin and my body.

Brown is beautiful

All we need to break the stereotypes is to raise our daughters and make them feel beautiful and confident because it all starts from HOME.

I came up with the concept of being brown and beautiful because to me, this is real. This is my story and sharing it, influencing all the brown women like me is pure happiness and gratitude.

Today I say with a lot of pride that the most beautiful accessory I wear is my glowing Brown Skin.

Brown is beautiful

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