Negra Como Soy: JBalvin African Grammy Discussion

Negra Como Soy Ep 6 - JBalvin African Grammy Discussion with Jhendy

This week, Jhendi joins Doni and Dr. Rhonda to talk about the controversy of JBalvin at the African Entertainment Awards USA in 2021. Join us to learn about the details of the nomination, JBalvin's reaction, and how the music industry responded to the event.


There’s the story of who we are as individuals, what we know and walk with, and the story other people create in their minds about who you are. We’re here to set the story straight…

Negra, como soy: I’m Afro-Latina is a show that explores the intricacies and flavors of the AfroLatin experience throughout the Spanish colonized world. We understand that the direct translation is “black like me,” in the feminine. Again, often life is about interpretation, and we’re here to help expand those interpretations, in this corner of life at least.

Join Doni Aldine and Rhonda Coleman as they celebrate foods, dance, clothing, language and customs of their own cultures and others from the diaspora.


Check out Episode 6 below!

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