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Winter 2019 Edition

The Cross-Cultural Cast Of “New Amsterdam” Brings Light To Hidden Diversity

Biracial, tricultural actor Freema Agyeman; DomesticAdult Third Culture Kids(DTCKs), Jocko Sims and Janet Montgomery and expat Anupam Kher exhibit amazing chemistry on the network’s latest dramatic hit. Perhaps it’s no coincidence, as each actor brings so much personal character to their roles and each credits personal history as the foundation of their skill. Little did they know, their straddling of culture helped inform these profound performances — and the ease with which they get along with each other.

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Summer 2022 Edition

Beautifully Arranged: Sol And Liz Ocampo — A Family Steeped In A Love That Began As Strangers In Marriage

Christian pastors Solomon (“Sol”) and Liz Ocampo have taken a unique path to love.

They didn’t meet and fall in love and then get married — on the contrary, it was an arranged wedding. Both of their sets of parents were in the ministry, with Sol’s Filipino parents having met Liz’s Kenyan father and Ugandan mother when the former were missionaries in Nairobi.

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Winter 2023 Edition

All You Need Is Love — And Good Friends To Celebrate A Milestone Birthday

In this article, a group of close friends talk about their trip to Tanzania, Africa to celebrate a milestone birthday.

From Italy to Buenos Aires, Shanghai to Vancouver and beyond, this era’s “Women of a Certain Age” are garnering attention from varied spaces. That certain age is 50-plus years on the planet.

Hyped on social media for embracing gorgeous, grey locks and impressing the masses like the thirtysomethings of yesteryear in mind, body and spirit, people – especially women, are exuding fearlessness as they grow older.

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